Free Resources for Elementary Teachers by Colleen Kessler (Review)

Free resources for elementary teachers : the ultimate guide to getting free stuff for teachersFree Resources for Elementary Teachers by Colleen Kessler
Age: Adult
Genre: Non-Fiction / Education
Source: Publisher via LibraryThing
Publisher: Prufrock Press, 2012
ISBN: 9781593638634 / 242 pages
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Colleen Kessler’s collection online websites and resources is a gem for teachers, parents, librarians and parents engaging in home-schooling.

The book is divided into ten chapters and each chapter is filled with links to free resources online. The topics range from literacy, math and sciences to teacher and homeschooling blogs. The chapters include a “Frugal Fun” area including games, activities and ideas at the end of each chapter.

Its pretty bare-bones. There is really very little commentary minus a couple of pages at the beginning of each chapter. Each link is accompanied with a little summary blurb as well as the link address. There are no images or screen-shots of the websites. I would have appreciated an index in the back, but otherwise, this book is very, very thorough. Plus its fun going through each and every website, (because that’s the type of nerd that I am) to see what each website looks like and what kind of information and resources it provides for the students and adults using it. A few of the links are listed in multiple chapters (BrainPop for example), which I felt kind of took up space that could have gone to another useful resource, and fluffed out the book more than necessary. Overall, its a great resource for the home, classroom and library.


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