Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney (Review)

Semi-sweet : a novel of love and cupcakesSemi-Sweet: A Novel of Love & Cupcakes by Roisin Meaney
Age: Adult
Genre: Fiction, Chick-lit
Source: My Copy
Publisher: 5 Spot, 2010
ISBN: 9780446570114 / 386 pages

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This is a story with an ensemble cast set in the small rural town of Clongarvin, Ireland. The story starts with Hannah Robinson finding out that her boyfriend of a year and a half is leaving her for another women only weeks before she’s set to open up her own business, Cupcakes on the Corner. Over the course of eight months, January to August, Hannah, her parents, best friend Adam and other residents of the small town go through the ups and downs of everyday life. With a mix of tragic, romantic, and bittersweet moments, the novel is a reminder that life is not always what we except or want it to be.

Although Hannah is the connection between all the other characters, she is not the main focus on the story, neither are her cupcakes. I love that the story is focused on the town residents rather than the cupcake shop and the cupcakes itself.

There are multiple storylines (a couple too many honestly), and they overlap with each other in a very easy-way.  The story is well-paced, the characters are believable. Some I liked more than others, even the characters I didn’t like, I had a soft spot for, except for Patrick and Nora…

Although it might get classified as chick-lit, this book has more depth and isn’t as formulaic. The title is apt, as like is filled with semi-sweet moments. The author starts off the first page with a cupcake recipe, so that was highly appreciated. Although I think there was too much going on with too many characters. The supplementary characters took away from the plot-lines of the main characters. I did like seeing the evolution of Hannah as she nursed her broken heart with the help of family, friends and her shop. I liked Adam’s character, he made for a great best friend, and I appreciate at the author didn’t take the expected and predictable route between him and Hannah.

This is a great summer read, a good beach or on a plane. Its quick, funny, and it’ll have you craving a couple of cupcakes towards the end. I may go pick one up on my lunch break today.

One response to “Semi-Sweet by Roisin Meaney (Review)

  1. I have just read & reviewed her latest book One Summer & found it enjoyable. Semi-Sweet sounds like a good read.

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