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A Novel World’s Guide to Green – Book reviews & More!

Having made significant progress in my journey to healthy eating, it seems that my mentality towards food is beginning to seep into other areas of my life. Namely, how I personally effect the environment. If I’m going to be green with my food, then why not be green at home, at work, in the car, on the road, basically…everywhere?

Going green seems to be such an overwhelming thing, particularly when you see the ridiculous number and volume of books, articles, documentaries, etc., about people going to the full extreme to either drop off the radar, or stop the sins of consumerism. I’m not looking for that. I love the San Francisco hippie/ hipster reputation as tree-huggers, but believe me, I love my luxuries of hot showers just as much, if not more. How can one live a sustainable and eco-friendly life in the city? My best friend keeps chickens in her backyard in Portland. Alas, I have no yard, front or back. My husband maintains the upkeep of his container garden on our apartment balcony, because I have a penchant for killing all living flora with my black thumb.

What do I do then, since homesteading is out of the question? I can’t do as much as I want to, but I hope that what I do actually is making a difference.

  • I use reusable cloth bags for all my shopping trips. Or I throw small items into my purse.
  • I don’t bag produce items. I don’t want plastic grocery bags, why would I want these? Most items don’t need to be bagged anyways.
  • I use a glass water bottle that I picked up from Starbucks (although they are starting to pop-up in other stores now). No plastic, no pollutants.
  • I use a Zorjirushi¬†Tuff Mug thermos for my coffee. It was a present from one of my best friends, and it is seriously the best gift I have gotten. It keeps coffee warm for HOURS, and you don’t feel the heat holding the thermos.
  • Bikes! Well, I just picked up my bike last night, so I haven’t done much with it yet, but I plan to.
  • I take public transportation to work 3x a week, and I hope to take it more often. I’d rather have my money go to local city services than oil companies.
  • I’ve cut back on meat, which has really just saved me $$ on the grocery budget. I’m not sure how it is effecting meat production, but I can sleep easy knowing a baby moo, a baby oink, and a baby chick haven’t died because of me.
  • I’ve unplugged everything in my apartment. I run around turning off unnecessary lights at work too.
  • Print & make copies on both sides of a paper. Reuse paper as makeshift notepads.
  • I use bar soap instead of body washes.
  • Use cotton dishcloths instead of sponges for washing dishes, use rags instead of paper towels to clean up spills and messes.
  • I try to avoid using cleaning supplies as much as possible, and make my own whenever necessary.
  • Donate, donate, donate. All my friends know that I’m a bit of a Goodwill nut, and will usually donate a couple of bags every month or so.
  • Recycling. I’m big on recycling whatever I can, but recently it clicked that unless I actually buy goods made of recycled products, then I’m not really doing anything beneficial. I’ve been trying to find products that are made from recycled goods, and it’s actually a pretty touch search. =/

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