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Literary Locales

One of my absolute favorite PBS mini-series is Anne of Green Gables. Every year I sequester myself for a weekend, and watch the entire DVD set start to finish. This year, I’ve decided that its high time I actually sit down to read the books that the series is based on.

This had me thinking about visiting Prince Edward Island to see Green Gables in person. Then this thought led to the other literary locales I’d like to visit before I kick the bucket.

Chatsworth House


top withens past

  • Literary Places I Have Been
  1. Shakrespeare & Co (Latin Quarter – Paris)
  2. Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame (Paris)
  3. Hans Christian Andersen Statue (Copenhagen)
  4. John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row (Salinas)
  5. Robert Louis Stevenson’s House (Monterey)

Where have you gone? Where would you like to go?

Check out SJSU’s fantastic list of Literary Locales for some ideas. ¬†