Daily Archives: March 11, 2012

Weekend Cooking – Madeleines

Although I’ve gotten better are moderating my cookbook purchases and making sure they match my criteria of use…a few keep buzzing around my radar and I know I’ll have to purchase if for no other reason, then for the images of the food and baked goods they represent.

Case in point:

This isn’t due until October. Its dreadful to have to wait so long. At least Chronicle Books has one of the yummy Madeleine recipes posted on their blog. The Honey-Almond Madeleine, which I have taken upon myself to bake this weekend. Voila! Avec une tasse de café ou une tasse de thé, il est parfait pour un bon matin.

I only had a mini madeleine mold, so they sort of turned out looking like tater tots, but they still taste yummy!