Tiny Book of Tiny Stories (HitRecord) – Review

The tiny book of tiny stories. Volume 1The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories by HitRecord & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Age: Teen
Genre: Misc. – poetry, illustrations.
Itbooks (imprint of) HarperCollins, 2011
ISBN 9780062121660
Source: Library Copy
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HITRECORD is an open collaborative production company, founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, open to artists of all forms (musicians, writers, animators, illustrators, etc).

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories vol. 1, true to the name, is tiny measuring 4″x6″. It is jam-packed with over 60  one-minute stories, about 1 to 2 lines in the form of poems, sentences, and illustrations. Each page is a different entity and all the contents are full of meaning beyond what is in print.The writing is clever and you can really tell the difference in the voice of each author. Some stories made me laugh, and others made me sad.

I really enjoyed reading this, and I think it would make for a perfect gift. Its compact, its funny, sad, introspective and encompasses a number of emotions, themes and messages. This is the first in a proposed 3 volume set and I look forward to collecting the rest in the series.


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