2011 Stats and Figures

2011 was a phenomenal reading year for me. I only have one book from 2011 that still needs a review (Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck), but there are no other carry-overs from 2011. I’ll be staring 2012 at The Novel World with a semi clean slate. I hope to join many of the same challenges and events I participated in last year. You can keep up my with my challenge reads here. I’ve only signed up for two so far.

  • Number of books completed: 97

  • Number of Fiction (all ages) books: 64

  • Number of Memoirs/Biographies: 17

  • Number of Non-fiction (non memoirs) books: 16

  • Number of Audio Books: 12

  • Number of Children/Teen books:  19

2 responses to “2011 Stats and Figures

  1. 97 books is quite an accomplishment! About 50 more than I’ve read in the past year.

    Wrote By Rote

  2. My favorite non-ficiton this year was actually a biography. The Brontes, by Juliet Barker. Amazing book, very long but worth it.

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