Gobble Gobble Thanks

Gobble Till Ya Wobble comment

photo via Dazzle Junction

Today is the day we are supposed to think of all the things in life we are grateful for. Giving thanks for our blessings and forgetting about the sorrows. This is the holiday otherwise known as FOOD DAY. But it is a day to spend with family and friends, to get a couple of days off from work to relax and catch up on life outside of the office. 2011 has been a fantastic year for me and I am grateful for a number of things.

  • My family, primarily my mother and sister for everything they have done for me and have been for me.
  • My husband, who has been my husband for 7 months. It finally feels normal to call him husband.
  • My friends, who love and support me. I’ll cook for you guys anytime!
  • I am thankful to work for the library system. I am thankful for my weekly baby storytimes, bringing literacy and entertainment to infants.
  • The readers of this blog. Thank you for making me feel relevant and reminding me that my messages aren’t being sent into dead space.

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