Evil Plans (Hugh McLeod) – Review

Evil plans : having fun on the road to world dominationEvil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination by Hugh McLeod
Age: Adult
Genre: Nonfiction /Business-self help
Publisher: Penguin, 2011
ISBN: 9781591843849
179 pages

Successful entrepreneur and cartoonist Hugh McLeod writes this simple guide for escaping the cubicle claustrophobia of everyday work and promoting the branching out and making a success out of home-grown interests, hobbies and activities.

Had this not been a selection for my book club, I would probably not have picked up this book. I’m not really not the target audience for Evil Plans. I believe the target audience is anyone working in a stereotypical rat-race workforce and hates their current job. The audience is someone needing a little encouragement and nod towards starting their own company.  The audience also includes fans of McLeod’s cartoons and website gapingvoid.com. I didn’t really find much useful information in this book, and many of McLeod’s work ethics and habit differ sharply from my own. I don’t like to work on 10 individual projects at a time, I like to work on 2 maybe 3, all of which are related and overlap.

Although McLeod offers some clever tips and includes a number of his own illustrations throughout the book, I just found this book to be lacking in applicable advice. McLeod wrote over 2 dozen chapters, each of which is roughly 1 – 5 pages. Short and full of quips and personal anecdotes, I think current fans of McLeod and his work will get a real kick out of this book. For me, I didn’t know his website or his work, so I never really understood why I should care.

Despite my reservations about the book, I have been reading his blog/website GapingVoid and I find myself really enjoying his writing. I think maybe because it’s not as condensed and bullet-pointy as the book? He’s an active member of the art community and is the CEO of Stormhoek USA, which markets South African wine in the States.

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