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French Milk (Lucy Knisley) – Review

French milkFrench Milk by Lucy Kinsley
Age: Adult
Genre: Graphic Novel + Travel Memoir
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2007
ISBN: 9781416575344
194 pages

Part memoir and part drawings and scribbles, Lucy Knisley’s work takes us through the 6 weeks she spent with her mother in an apartment in Paris shortly after Christmas.

I’m not quite sure if the age difference (I’m 28, and Lucy is 22 in the book) or the fact that I’ve read a million Parisian travel memoirs this year, but this book is neither here nor there for me. Its funny, Lucy has a quirky sense of humor. But I found the book on a whole to be pointless. She either misses her boyfriend or constantly checks her e-mail. I found the book to be somewhat shallow with cutesy illustrations to soften the blow. I did appreciate Lucy’s visual inventory of all the food she and her mom ate during their stay. Its something I wish I paid more attention during my stay.This book would serve as a good resource for restaurant hunters in Paris.

Lucy spent more time whining about being homesick than enjoying the city. Its not the best way to start a travel memoir than with the perspective that the author would rather not be traveling. There was no introspective views into the culture differences, or even interactions with anyone other than her mother. I expected more from this book, especially when Lucy mentioned that this was her second time in the city of lights.

Its a light read, 193 pages and mostly illustrations. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone older than 25.

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