Silicon Valley Author’s Panel – San Jose

Over the weekend, Saturday June 24th, I attended the very first Silicon Valley Author’s Panel, held by Barnes & Nobel in San Jose, Ca. This was a fantastic event and I hope there are more to follow. There is something of a drought of literary events in the South Bay, probably because of the drought of Independent Bookstores. I hope that this is not just a summer-time event, but something leading towards more author talks/visits and events. Usually most of the author visits in the South Bay are held at public libraries.

The Silicon Valley Author’s Panel was put together by author June Chen. She was also 1 of the 8 authors on the panel. Each author spoke for about 5-7 minutes about their book and the writing process and reason for writing that book. Then there was a Q&A session with the audience, followed by a raffle. Some of the prizes were books donated by a couple of the authors, other prizes included Barnes and Nobel gift cards ranging from $5-$20 dollars. I, sadly, won nothing, although I am now happily aware of a new batch of authors and books.

The Q&A session wasn’t really anything special. Many people (those that asked questions at least) seemed to be aspiring authors and had many questions regarding the publishing industry:  e-books, how to find an agent, etc. Almost all of the questions were general and directed towards all the authors. I think my favorite questions asked was “What is an e-book?”

In case any of the authors happen to come across this blog, thank you for participating in the author’s panel. I learned a lot, and now have more books to add to my To-Read list. =p

The Authors.

Greg Archer   
Book Title: Shut Up Skinny Bitches
Content: Body image issues, health, eating habits, eating disorders
*Betty Auchard          
Book Title: The Home for the Friendless
Content: Memoir, growing up in Iowa and Colorado during the Great Depression.
Robert Balmanno
Book Title: Runes of Iona & September Snow
Content: Dystopia, What happens to the Earth in 50-100 years in the future.
June Chen
Book Title: Seeing the Light
Content: The story of a selfish & self-centered girl as she ages and learns about the meaning of life through her mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson.
*Martha Engber  
Book Title: Growing Great Characters From the Ground Up
Content: Writing how-to.
Timothy Fitzgerald
Book Title: Wawona Brotherhood
Content: Book 1 of a 3 part memoir series about growing in San Jose. The books also cover a lot of the history and events that took place in San Jose and on the SJSU campus.
*Audry Lynch
Book Title: Steinbeck Remembered
Content: 1 of 4 books written about author John Steinbeck. In this book, Lynch interviewed over 20 people that once knew John Steinbeck.
John K. Waters
Book Title: The Everyhing Guide to Social Media
Content: A guide towards understanding and using social media online.

2 responses to “Silicon Valley Author’s Panel – San Jose

  1. Nari,
    Your article captured the spirit of the authors—everyone enjoyed participating on our first panel. I know the crowd had a good time too! It’s good to know that you think our event was ” fantastic”.
    Thanks for attending!

    June Chen

  2. I just wanted to extend my congratulations on a job well done! The panel was very successful as far as I was concerned – there was just the right mix topics & I think the audience was very receptive & had a good response.
    I think a venue of this type is of great value not only to those who support you, but also to those who want to walk in your footsteps to attain what you have in the literary world.
    Congratulations to all the participants!

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