An Agatha Christie Summer Celebration

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Agatha Christie has always been one of those authors that I see in every nook and cranny of a library and bookstore. Dozens of books shelved in no particular order on the shelf, TV shows, movies and serials devoted to the much popular books.

Other than seeing the author’s name everywhere, I never really gave her much though until I got this e-mail, discussing all the awesomeness of this summer event. I plan on signing up for the Miss Marple feature, hosted at The Sunday Book Review.

Which will you join?

Book Club Girl, Booking Mama, Linus’s Blanket, The Sunday Book Review and Devourer of Books are proud to announce our Agatha Christie Summer Read-Along and invite you to join us!

Spend the Summer with Agatha – Cool Down with AC!

The read-along kicks off today and runs through Labor Day weekend – we’ll cap it off with a Book Club Girl on Air show with some special to-be-announced guests! Full details at this link:

Julie from Booking Mama will explore the world of Hercule Poirot, Melissa from The Sunday Book Review will delve into the mysteries of Miss Marple, Jen from Devourer of Books will focus on Christie’s standalone novels and Nicole from Linus’s Blanket will focus on the four new Masterpiece Mystery films that will air on PBS this June and July. I will focus on Book Club Girl on her acclaimed short stories.

You can sign up at any one of our blogs and grab the overall tile ad and the one for Short Stories at Book Club Girl. You can pick up the individual tile ads that focus on the Marple, Poirot, Standalones and Masterpiece films read-alongs (or watch-alongs) at each of these blogs below!

Booking Mama – Hercule Poirot Mysteries
Devourer of Books -Standalone Mysteries
Linus’s Blanket – Masterpiece Mystery Movies on PBS
The Sunday Book Review – Miss Marple Mysteries

We hope you’ll join us for all or part of the read-along – the full schedule is below:

Short Story!
June 6th: “The Tuesday Night Club” on Book Club Girl

June 13th-June19th: 4:50 From Paddington: A Miss Marple Mystery on The Sunday Book Review

June 20th-June 26th: Three Act Tragedy: A Hercule Poirot Mystery on Booking Mama

June 20th-June 26th: Three Act Tragedy airs on PBS June 19th on Linus’s Blanket

June 27th: Endless Night on Devourer of Books

June 27th-July 3rd: The Clocks airs on PBS June 26th on Linus’s Blanket

Short Story!
July 5th: “Three Blind Mice” on Book Club Girl

July 4th-July 10th: Hallowe’en Party airs on PBS July 3rd on Linus’s Blanket

July 11th-July 17th: A Miss Marple Mystery on The Sunday Book Review

July 11th-July 17th:  The Pale Horse airs on PBS July 10th on Linus’s Blanket

July 18th-July 24th: Murder on the Orient Express: A Hercule Poirot Mystery on Booking Mama

July 25th: And Then There Were None on Devourer of Books

Short Story!
August 1st: “Witness for the Prosecution” on Book Club Girl  

August 8th-August 14th:  A Miss Marple Mystery on The Sunday Book Review

August 15th-August 21st: The A.B.C. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Mystery on Booking Mama

August 22nd: Ordeal by Innocence on Devourer of Books

Wrap Up!
August 29th-September 4th: Book Club Girl on Air Show to be announced!

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