Lost in a Good Book – Review

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Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery

Three months after Thursday’s Next’s adventures in the Eyre Affair, she is back for another round with Goliath industries. This time, she has to figure out a way to delve into Poe’s The Raven to rescue the Goliath agent she banished into the dismal poem in order to get her life back to normal and bring her husband back from eradication. With the help of various literary figures, Miss Havishamm and the Cheshire Cat, Thursday has to figure out a way to delve into literature without the prose portal and set things back in their proper order.

The Thursday Next series is one of the best books for literary nerds who love literary fiction. Although I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the Eyre Affair, I did have a few issues with the book. I think the biggest obstacle for me was the representation of Miss Havisham as anything other than doom-&-gloom matchmaker. It just didn’t sit write turning that character into a cartoon parody of herself. The plot and the writing overall is hilarious, especially for those with a soft spot for puns. Fforde has a huge imagination and he made no hints at reigning it in for this novel. Thursday is a strong character, full of spunk, insecurities, pride and morals.  Fforde also manages to cover some serious issues in a light way. Issues of cloning are apparent with the Neanderthal characters, fighting for their rights, despite being classified as something other than living, breathing beings. The ending of this novel sets itself up right away for the third installment of the Thursday Next series, Well of Lost Plots, one I can’t wait to start reading.

Lost in a Good Book
By Jasper Fforde
Viking, 2002
ISBN 0965752615
399 pages
Book 19 of 2011
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Lost in a Good Book.

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