April Recap

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****The reviews for the children’s books can now be found at http://librarycrossing.wordpress.com/****

April has been incredibly slow reading month for me. Can you blame me though, I did get married in the middle of the month. Quite happily married at that. =)

I did manage to sneak in a new feature to the blog, Sunday Storytime. This is my opportunity to discuss different picture books, and how they can be incorporated into library storytimes along with fingerplays, feltboard stories and other similarly themed books.

Although pretty much  all of the book reviews for this month are picture books, I did spend a good portion of my time reading Lost In A Good Book by Jasper Fforde.


1. Copy me, Copycub

2. book jacket

3. book jacket

4. Lost in a Good Book.

  1. Copy Me, Copycub by Richard Edwards
  2. Wake Up Kisses by Pamela Duncan Edwards
  3. Zookeeper Sue by Chris Demarest
  4. Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

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