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Noteworthy Links #18

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  • Via Bella Sugar – Among Karl Lagerfeld’s interests, fashion being key, books seem to be inching towards the top. Lagerfeld, along with publisher Steidl, will be introducing a new perfume like based and inspired by the smell of books. The perfume called Paper Passion will be sold in hollowed out hardcover books.
  • Via Martha Stewart – First comes marriage (check) then comes the baby carriage (unchecked). When it is time to check the mommy box, I’ll be sure to implement Martha Stewart’s book-themed baby shower.

A Book-Themed Baby Shower

  • Via Chicago Sun-Times –  A beautiful entry, Does Anyone Want to be “Well-Read”, written by Roger Ebert about the difference between books read and unread, and just how limitless the universe of print really is. In a way, this makes keeping track of all the books I read some of futile. The unread list is infinite, while my read list is dismally low in the ranks in comparison.
  • Via SF Gate – In the same vein, SF Gate writer Stephen K. Tollefson, write a wonderful piece about how the light we read with effects how we read. I prefer to read in a fully lit room, with the dim noise of TV in the background. I can’t read in pure silence, its too distracting.