Top library blogs you should be following

Librarians fresh out of college, or not so fresh out of college (2008 graduation for me) are learning that the best way to climb the ropes of the library ladder is to improve technology skills and know-how. As more and more children are growing up in front of computers and with cell-phones clutched in their palms, librarians need to learn how to promote literacy through new means. An ebook, is still a book. Whether you are reading from a screen or from a paper page, you are still reading.

This post is to highlight some of my favorite library websites & blogs that focus on the growing trends in the field, as well as news from around the nation and around the world. These sites are key in helping bridge the gap between technology and literacy.

Library News
  1. Library Stuff –
  2. LIS News –
  3. Library Juice –
Librarian Blogs
  1. Lore Librarian –
  2. Librarian in Black –
  3. Mel’s Desk –
  4. Speak Quietly –
  5. Abby the Librarian –
  6. Swiss Army Librarian –
Library Fun
  1. A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette –
  2. Awful Library Books –
  3. Unshelved Comic Strip –
Library Tools
  1. Google Librarian Central –
  2. iLibrarian –
  3. Infopeople –
  4. Webjunction –

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2 responses to “Top library blogs you should be following

  1. As a soon to be librarian fresh out of college, thank you! Some of those are new to me and they seem extremely useful.

  2. I’m glad they were helpful! If you have any particular library sites you visit, let me know so that I can add them to this list. =)

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