Noteworthy Links #16

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Its National Library Week! Everybody celebrate by going to your local library and checking out the maximum number of items humanely possible to show your support.

This is a fantastic article on CNN about how libraries and librarians are the most awesome elements of education, information and pop culture ever. Read it, believe it, and acccept it. Librarians are cool.

  • What does your favorite childhood book say about you now? via Flavorwire Some of my favorite predictions:   
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Every house you live in must be outfitted with a walk in closet. Just in case.
The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
No matter what, you’re always the only one at the office at 9am on the dot. Then you annoy everyone all day with all your clever puns.
Goosebumps by R.L. Stine
You’re the guy who finds a way to ruin every party.
  • What I consider to be a “Well, Duh” op-ed article via NPR’s Monkey See blog, in which writer Linda Holmes walks into a library and finds out that its a really cool place to be. What did Linda ever imagine a library to be if she’s so amused and amazed at what libraries offer today?
  • The Geek Alphabet via Geeks Are Sexy

M is for MMORPGs, it’s a magical place (i eated a cookie)
N is for NASA, and the beauty of space (nasa1fan)
O is for Occipital Lobe, we love using our brains (illuminaut)



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