Noteworthy Links #15

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  • A wonderful and insightful segment about the discussion of e-books and their effect on libraries by NPR in the wake of the controversial HarperCollins 26 check-out limit on e-books for libraries.
  • Agree or disagree? Tom Keane of The Boston Globe discusses how the book is dead and bookstores are a dying enterprise in his op-ed The Last Chapter.
  • In this week’s things that are cute and small:

worlds smallest postal service The Worlds Smallest Post Service Kit from Chronicle BooksSend letters in envelopes that are no larger than the width and length of your thumb! (via Chronicle Books, release date April 27th, 2011) The kit is based on the World’s Smallest Postal Service project by Lea Redmond, who offers a tiny transcription service through her roaming “post offices” in the Bay Area. You can pre-order now @ the Chronicle Books site and get 30% off your order.

  • The art of rejection:





  • This masterpiece, a copy of UVL, is created by a University of Virginia law student, built entirely out of law firm rejection letters.

One response to “Noteworthy Links #15

  1. hardlyregistered

    That Boston Globe article seems pretty trite. I think his article is a truer sign that the journalism is dead than books.

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