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Sounds like a title for an unwritten book 5 of the Twilight series, no?

California is currently experiencing some bad storms and a supermoon which had been predicted to bring out the next big earthquake since the 1906 disaster that nearly destroyed San Francisco. Needless to say, there was no giant earthquake, there were no ruptured pipelines, or explotions or anything else dramatic. Just a lot of heavy winds and strong rain that bring about a lot of worries with Californians. (I bet East Coast readers are totally rolling their eyes at this).  Its not my fault we get more sunny days than rainy days (only if you forget about Daly City and San Francisco of course).

In the wake of the Japan tsunami and earthquake, along with the gloom and doom predictions of the earthquake that is long overdue for the Bay Area, I decided that it was about time my fiance and I put together an emergency kit for ourselves. It turns out, we weren’t the only ones feeling this way.

Our trip to Target was definitely something short of normal. For one, there were maybe 50 people in the store total. Almost all the gallons of water were purchased and there were no pre-made first aid kits to be found. The pharmacist said that they had run out because of “the situation.” 

I had printed out a little checklist to take to Target with us, so pretty much made-up our own first aid kit, and emergency pack. Finding a checklist that was easy to print, covered all the basic needs, and wasn’t too overwhelming was something of a challenge to put together. Our needs are pretty simple. We’re both young with no kids and no pets.

Although, putting together the emergency kit for food and safety, the nerd in me couldn’t help thinking of what books I would pack in the emergency kit. I threw in a NY Times Crossword puzzle book. Its trying to decide which novels or non-fiction books to pack that seem to cause trouble. I don’t have comfort books. I don’t often reread books, even by favorite authors. Most of my favorite authors write such gloomy books anyway (Neil Gaiman, Audrey Niffenegger). I don’t think those would really be considered comfort reads during the aftermath of a major disaster. If anything, I would probably want my knitting needles and yarn more than a book.

What would you pack? A book? A craft?

Emergency Kit checklists

1. Life organizers – Emergency kit

This kit was one of the best that I found online. It includes the 12 categories that should be included in the emergency pack, along with the more vital elements for each category.

2. American Red Cross

3. Wired – Smarter Emergency Kit