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French Kissing – Review

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French Kissing by Catherine Sanderson

Age: Adult

Sally is an English girl, newly separated from her long-time boyfriend, Nico. Living with her four year old daughter and going through the usual routine of work, teaching English to the French business elite, and having lunch dates with close friends is starting to reflect a life that Sally does not want for herself. In a bold move, she signs up for a year subscription to Rendez-vous, a French online dating site. Using Rendez-vous as a launching pad, Sally explores different avenues of her social life, all while juggling friendships and motherhood.

I first came across Catherine Sanderson by chance at the library when I picked up an ARC of her memoir Petite Anglaise, the story of her life in Paris and her blog of the same name. This novel, French Kissing, can technically be classified under chick-lit. Reading through this book I couldn’t help but think of Sanderson’s memoir Petite Anglaise and I imagine much of her inspiration for French Kissing came from her own experiences after moving to Paris from England. I could picture Lila perfectly as the Tadpole in Petite Anglaise. Despite the striking similarities, I really enjoyed French Kissing.  Sally’s character, although well versed in motherhood and work, is at times naive and insecure. There were times where I had to roll my eyes at Sally’s decisions and her interactions with friends and families. Much of the story felt very real. Sally was insecure about herself, insecure about her friends in ways that people naturally are insecure. Sally was not perfect, she did not have it all together and neither did her friends, despite what appearances may try to argue. Overall, I felt that this was a fun read, a better beach read really. The ending was too much of a Hallmark ending as most everyone got their happy ending.

I do think that its a shame this book isn’t available for purchase in the United States. I had to buy it off of Amazon because I couldn’t even find it on the Barnes n’ Nobel or Borders websites.  Its strange because the memoir, Petite Anglaise, is available in the U.S.

Book 11 of 2011

French Kissing
by Catherine Sanderson
Penguin UK, 2009
ISBN 9780141031248
365 pages
Book 12 of 2011


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