Noteworthy Links #12

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This week’s collection of interesting tidbits found around the series of tubes we call the Internet:

  • runs like a wikipedia for books. You can access over 80k titles in the classics genre. During the “library visit” patrons can borrow titles and download them directly to their iPads, laptops, etc. When you look up a title, you can either borrow the e-book online, find it at a local library via links to, or buy it online via links to: Alibris, Amazon, AbeBooks, Biblio, & Powells. Signing up is free.
  • Interesting article by Mark Evans on why Barnes & Nobel is succeeding while Border’s is suffering.
  • A Tree Grows in Book Form. Plantable Paper is coming out 2 new books that lets you, upon finishing the books, plant the pages in soil, water them and watch as they turn into patch of herbs or flowers!
  • The Lisa Simpson Bookclub…now on Tumblr! Everyone’s favorite precocious, smarty-pants sibling on the Simpson’s now has a blog dedicated to posting pictures of Lisa reading, talking to authors, or any other bookishness. Readers are encouraged to submit photos of the pointy-haired bookworm.

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