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Feb Recap

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February royally sucked in regards to challenges. I failed my reading challenge (it doesn’t help when awesomely awesome publishers send unsolicited books in the mail, and it certainly doesn’t help that multiple Borders within a ten mile radius are going out of business and having massive clearance sales).

That being said, I’ve been pretty good about only reading books off my bookshelf, regardless of the number of additional books I’ve been bringing into the house.  The only exception has been Almost Moon, which is the current mandatory bookclub selection.

Books read in February

Paris Was Ours – Penelope Rowlands &

Pygmalion – Bernard Shaw &

What The Dickens – Gregory MaGuire

Almost Moon – Alice Sebold

Paris was ours : thirty-two writers reflect on the city of light by Penelope Rowlands https://i0.wp.com/var.pulist.net/what-the-dickens-library-edition_small.jpg

https://i1.wp.com/img1.fantasticfiction.co.uk/images/h0/h1129.jpg The almost moon : a novel

The Yarn Diet is going okay….I’m not knitting much, mostly because the yarn I have is yarn I inherited when a friend moved away, and thus I have no project concepts for any of it, other than a king size scrap blanket.

I did finish a shrug, a vest and a beanie that I am particularly proud of:

February did bestow the Stitches West Knitting Convention in Santa Clara, CA. I did keep in mind the option of 5 anytime yarn puchases loophole with the Yarn Diet. I only made 2 purchases (of a TON of yarn), so I have 3 extra yarn purchases, and I think I added another 50 skeins to my stash. =/

Lets hope March is a more successful month.