Daily Archives: February 16, 2011

Noteworthy Links #10

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Links and such items that I found amusing this past week.

  • The smartest machine on Earth – Meet Watson Did you watch Watson compete on Jeopardy Feb 9th, and see him outsmart his competition? Did you see him blank on the Harry Potter question, in which Voldermort was the answer? I did and I was highly amused. You can watch Watson on Jeopardy’s Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night’s games via Nova.
  • Library Mail!! For all librarians, there is now special USPS postage rates for packages
Content is limited to books, sound recordings, academic theses, and certain other items.
Advertising restrictions apply.
Each piece must show in the address or return address the name of a school or nonprofit organization.
  • If you’ve heard of the Library Hotel in New York, then I’m sure you’ll want to add its Parisian version Le Pavillon Des Lettres. I maybe not get to spend the night at this ritzy place ($300 Euros a night!) but I will definitely be traipsing through the lobby and various other rooms during my stay in Paris for my honeymoon this year.

In the image of the 26 letters of the alphabet, the rooms and suites of the Pavillon des Lettres reveal the beauty and poetry of the various authors.

  • Border’s filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy this morning. They are stated to close over 300 stores across the US. Click here to see if the one near you will make the cut.