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Pocket Poem – Ted Kooser

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Many, many years ago, my boyfriend and I went our separate ways for Spring Break during college. I talked him into sending me a hand-written letter because I only had WebTV at home, instead of Internet on the computer. (Ancient times, I know).

In that letter, he included, a carefully written copy of the famous and wonderful Ted Kooser poem “Pocket Poem.”

A wonderful poem, cherishing love, and persistence . This is a poem I read over and over while we lived across the state for 2 years, and one I have to look upon every Valentine’s Day.

Pocket Poem – Ted Kooser

If this comes creased and creased again and soiled
as if I’d opened it a thousand times
to see if what I’d written here was right,
it’s all because I looked too long for you
to put in your pocket. Midnight says
the little gifts of loneliness come wrapped
by nervous fingers. What I wanted this
to say was that I want to be so close
that when you find it, it is warm from me.