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SF Booklist (Adult) Science/Technology

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The San Francisco Bay Area is home of Silicon Valley. Although the South Bay (San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View) are home to such technology giants such as Adobe, Apple, and Google, San Francisco is not far behind on its Science and Technology. There is Cal Academy of Sciences with its amazing living roof, not to mention the De Young Museum, WordPress, Zynga and more.

Here are the books that explore the science and technology of the city.

  1. John Robert Marlow
    1. Nano
  2. Todd A Shimoda
    1. The Fourth Treasure
  3. Colin Forbes
    1. Year of the Golden Ape
  4. Bharti Kirchner
    1. Shiva Dancing
  5. Robert Alan Burton
    1. Cellmates
  6. John Keane
    1. The Business Plan: Perpetual Life for the Rich and Famous
  7. Maureen Robb
    1. Patterns in Silicon
  8. Mary Tomasi-Dubois
    1. The Mariner’s Secret