You Found Me How?

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I think the fad for these search engine recaps has pretty much passed, but I’ll try to revive it. I’m looking through my WordPress collection of search terms used to direct people to my blog, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at most of them. The funniest thing, is that the #1 & #2 searches bringing people to my site, are my Rory Gilmore Reading List & Diary of A Wimpy Kid reviews respectively. #3 would probably be reviews of Al Capone Does My Shirts.

These, though, are some of the funnier search terms used in the past week. Although most of these require some sort of color commentary, I can’t really think of anything clever to say. I leave you to come up with your own quips!

In no particular order:

  • a report on the massacre and its aftermath by seymour m. hersh
  • emily lorelai richard
  • why no oranges clean program
  • novel of the world
  • leslie scalapino, dahlia’s iris, p. 104
  • adult storyline
  • a tree grows in brooklyn food
  • movies that show kids eating junk food
  • bite me sf
  • magazines like geek
  • information of jane austen’s life (15 pages)
  • world easy email address name
  • dismas hardy corned beef hash and eggs recipe
  • fiction book about soccer mom on painkillers
  • awakening desire, passion, impulsive action, love, all the subjects that had, until then, been hidden
  • novel by shirley something

2 responses to “You Found Me How?

  1. I never get any really funny ones, don’t know why. It’s always just book titles or authors!

    • Most of the time I just get author and book title searches. Every once in a while something funny pops up though.

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