1:1 Challenge – Official 2011 post

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Well, looks like I forgot to make an official post announcing my 1:1 Book Challenge for 2011. Does this mean I can start the challenge now, since I may have already cheated and brought home 3 new books w/o having finished a single one off my bookshelf? I fail at challenges, this isn’t new. But maybe this post is the loophole I need to save some face. =p

So, the starting stats as of TODAY January 7th, 2011:


Total number of books owned:                                  224

Number of books unread on my bookshelf:       140

Total number of books read that I own:                   84


A recap on the rules:

For every 1 book borrowed from the library, borrowed from a friend, newly purchased, or sent for review, then 1 book must be read off of my bookshelf. I must follow the sequence:  1 borrowed book, 1 bookshelf book (although as many bookshelf books can be read in a row, no more than 1 borrowed book may be read consecutively.)

Exceptions to the rule:

Cookbooks, craft books, gardening & home improvement. These books will be exempt from the ratio.

Since I broke my rule and brought home 3 new books to keep on my bookshelf, I have to devise a penalty system. Something along the lines of: I have to now read 3 books off of my bookshelf before I can check out a title from the library.

I think that’s a fair compromise. =p

2 responses to “1:1 Challenge – Official 2011 post

  1. hardlyregistered

    I had no idea how large your pile of unread books was. Considering that you would have to read twice the number of books than are on your shelf to follow the rule of reading a borrowed book for every book on your shelf, you’d have to read a total ot 280 books before you could buy a new book. With these numbers you would have to read a book every 1.27 days to complete the task in a year. Let’s be realistic and say that it takes you on average 5 days per book: that would be 1400 days, or 200 weeks, or 3.84 years to complete the task. Now considering that you couldn’t make 6 days into the year without buying 3 new books, I wish you luck my friend, I wish you luck.

  2. I have a similar too-many-books-on-the-shelf problem, which until quite recently was exacerbated by the fact I worked in a library and could take out up to 30 books at a time! This is a great idea, I wish you luck with it!

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