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1:1 Challenge – Official 2011 post

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Well, looks like I forgot to make an official post announcing my 1:1 Book Challenge for 2011. Does this mean I can start the challenge now, since I may have already cheated and brought home 3 new books w/o having finished a single one off my bookshelf? I fail at challenges, this isn’t new. But maybe this post is the loophole I need to save some face. =p

So, the starting stats as of TODAY January 7th, 2011:


Total number of books owned:                                  224

Number of books unread on my bookshelf:       140

Total number of books read that I own:                   84


A recap on the rules:

For every 1 book borrowed from the library, borrowed from a friend, newly purchased, or sent for review, then 1 book must be read off of my bookshelf. I must follow the sequence:  1 borrowed book, 1 bookshelf book (although as many bookshelf books can be read in a row, no more than 1 borrowed book may be read consecutively.)

Exceptions to the rule:

Cookbooks, craft books, gardening & home improvement. These books will be exempt from the ratio.

Since I broke my rule and brought home 3 new books to keep on my bookshelf, I have to devise a penalty system. Something along the lines of: I have to now read 3 books off of my bookshelf before I can check out a title from the library.

I think that’s a fair compromise. =p