Daily Archives: September 5, 2010


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I’ve been very neglectful of my blog lately. I’ve been reading like crazy, but the motivation to sit down and write my reviews has been lacking. I’ve actually been reading magazines more than books. Anything I can get my hands on, from Time to The Atlantic, to In Style and Glamour magazine.

At some point, you will see reviews for the following;

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Research Virtuoso, Mockingjay, and In the Shadow of the Wind.

This month as been an odd month. I was let go from my primary librarian position, so I have more free time on my hands. Now I work only 3 days a week, something around 20-24 hours. Right now I’ve been reading more and crafting more. I’m working on 2 knitting projects, a cardigan and a pair of leggings. Yes, leggings. 80s style, big, baggy, over the jeans, leggings. It gets so cold during the winter and my normal sweatpants don’t always do the job. Besides, it seems like the 80s are making a comeback with some fierceness.

Other news…I’m waiting for school to start at the end of September. I’ll be taking some community college courses on Child Development for a certification program. If its anything I’ve figured out during my short stint as a librarian, its that I like working with kids and that I want to really focus and put my energies towards becoming a children’s librarian.

My birthday is also coming up at the end of September. The big 2-7. 3 years closer to 30. 7 months closer to my wedding. 7 months closer to my 2 week honeymoon in Europe. 7 more months until I get to celebrate the Festival of Saint Jordi in Barcelona.

Lots of good things to look forward to, too bad the real good stuff is happening in 2011. At least I can look forward to the Fall TV season starting again this week!¬†America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, The Biggest Loser, etc.