BBAW registration post

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Talk about waiting until the 23rd hour!

This is my formal post for my entry into the BBAW for 2010.

I thouht I fit best in the Most Eclectic Blog Niche and Most Well Written Category. The 5 links below are what I consider my best representation of my broad sense of reading and posting habits. I tried to keep the links present from Sept 2009 until now.

Most Eclectic Niche

What to read next – Reader’s Advisory links

If  A Tree Falls at Lunch Period – Review

This & That – Bookish News

East of Eden Book review + Salinas Field Trip recap

Babysitter’s Club Sitter Spotlight: Stacey Mcgill

Well Written Blog Cateogry

The Hunger Games – Review

Banned Books Week Book Spotlight – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

My Name is Aram – Review

Dream Girl – Review

Life – A Photo Blog Post

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