Catching Fire – Review

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Age: YA


In the stunning sequel to The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins picks up exactly where the first book ended. Against all odds, as well as against the Capitol’s wishes, Katniss is the victor of the Hunger Games, along with her fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. Although, she should be feeling relieved at having survived the deadly arena, she will soon return to her family and friends and never have to worry about stepping foot in the arena ever again. That was the idea, until President Snow paid Katniss a visit shortly after her return home. Only then did Katniss realize the full extent of her actions in the arena and the rumble she and Peeta unknowingly started throughout the 12 districts in the Capital. Now its up to Katniss to try to quell the anxieties of the districts by proving her love to Peeta beyond a shadow of a doubt, otherwise the consequences will be terrifying.

I couldn’t wait to jump right into Catching Fire, so I grabbed the audiobook because it was the only format available at my library. I did really enjoy this book. It carried the same quick pace as Hunger Games, the same themes of tyranny, censorship and instinctual human behaviors come into play.

I did have a problem with Katniss though. Throughout most of the book, I found her to be more naive than her character was originally set up to be in the first book. I found her fake love for Peeta to be somewhat alarming at how easily she could slip into the lovey-girlfriend role. Her impulses are emotionally driven, and not very accurate most of the time. She is overly suspicious of everyone around her, quick to cast accusations if anyone says or does something she doesn’t like. She and Peeta form a strong bond with their time in the arena, and then again on tour across the districts as the star-cross lovers, the Victors of the Hunger Games. Another thing that didn’t sit well with me is that Catching Fire seemed repetitive. It was a lot like Hunger Games, pretty much the same book, but with a few minor tweaks and twists at the end.

It did end on a powerful, although expected, cliffhanger. I feel fully vested in this series, even though I had higher hopes for Catching Fire. It does serve its purpose as the middle title in any trilogy. It forms the bridge that carries the story from its troublesome beginning, to the most likely violent and dramatic ending.

Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Audiobooks
10 discs, 11 hours and 37 minutes


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5 responses to “Catching Fire – Review

  1. Ah, I loved Catching Fire… I think Katniss is able to so easily “playact” her interest for Peeta because she’s actually starting to fall for him. Gale is going to have to work at it to win her back in the final book.

  2. I didn’t read your review, although I did like the first sentence (thanks for the spoiler warnings) because the Hunger Games series is one that my not-so-bebe girl and I are going to read together this summer!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  3. OK; so THIS time I read the review, since I started Hunger Games the Saturday after Mockingjay came out and finished both it and Catching Fire with the next 24 hours! I really liked the way this one ended and now that I’m ready for Mockingjay (once I can get it back from my daughter), I can’t wait to see how this story ends!

    Julie @ knitting and Sundries

  4. I absolutely adored Catching Fire. Was it just me, or did you’re heart completely sink when they announced that she had to return The Games for the quarter quell? All in all, fantastic book. Romance, action, suspense – it has it all. Collins’s is outstanding.

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