College in a Nutskull – Review

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College in a Nutskull edited by Anders Henriksson

Age: YA/Adult

College in a Nutskull is a compilation of hilarious and erroneous text taken from college essays around the United States. The text has been assembled by professor Anders Henriksson of Shepard University in West Virginia. I normally shy away from books like these because I feel that they make for impersonal gifts. This one, however, is really funny. I plan on giving this book away to one of the teens at my library as a prize in an upcoming contest.

Henriksson has mostly transcribed the text from college essays around the world into a 17.5 subjects; Religious Studies, Philosophy, Language, Art, American History and more. The book is designed to look like a spiral notebook, with lined pages and a spiral binding and even doodles and tic-tac-toe games in the margins to boot! The book is an overall quick read, but I think best enjoyed read section by section over a span of time. Reading the book all at once can cause a massive headache of frustration and apathy towards students that mistake Fascism for Facebook.

These are some of my favorite lines:

As an anti-semite, Richard Wagner of course detested French people and showed this in his work. This is really obvious in the operas that belong to the Lord of the Rings.

As a Southern writer, Eudora Welty was on the inside looking at the otuside looking at the inside.

The Watergate Scandal was when there was not enough water in the nation’s capital. Nixon knew about this and did not care.

There are many, many more gems like this sprinkled throughout the book. The Eudora Welty quote in particular reminded me of my favorite worst pick-up line “I couldn’t help noticing you noticing me noticing you from across the room.”

Its a light read, a fun read, and for some reason, makes me want to dig up my old college essays and if I have ever written anything that could contribute to this book!

College in a Nutskull
edited by Anders Henriksson
Workman Books, 2010
ISBN 0761154655
135 pages.
*book sent for review by Workman Publishing Group*


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One response to “College in a Nutskull – Review

  1. I wasn’t so impressed with College in a Nutskull. I much prefer Henrikkson’s earlier work, Ignorance is Blitz.

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