Bloggiesta 2010

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This weekend I will be participating in my very first Bloggiesta!

This is a great weekend blogging marathon set up by Natasha at Maw Books, and this weekend will be the third installment.

Bloggiesta: PedroThe premise of the bloggiesta, for those that haven’t participated before, is to spend the entire weekend working, updating, improving your blog. From minor things such as writing up posts, to reaching out for guests posts and reorganizing all of your tags and categories.

I unfortunately have to work both Saturday and Sunday, so I’m going to try and make the best of my free time this weekend by working on my site. I don’t have too many to-do items on my list, but the few I have will turn out to be quite time intensive.

So, what is my gameplan for the weekend? Well, here is my checklist of things I would like to accomplish by Sunday 9pm

1. Type up review of East of Eden

2. Discuss bookclub field trip to Salinas for East of Eden.

3. Put proper tags and category marks on all posts.

4. Update images of book covers that are no longer available

5. Make sure any and all links on my site are still active

6. Design a new features area for the main page.

7. Update Blogroll links

8. Update About me/Review Policy page

9. Update Boolist with titles I’ve read, link reviews to Librarything

10. Draft upcoming Teaser Tuesday post

11. Type review of Hunger Games

12. Join a new book blog community meme

Whew…I’m sure there’s more that I need to do, but this is a good start until I figure out what else I’m missing!!

Anybody else having a bloggiesta weekend? What changes do you have planned?

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