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Noteworthy Links #6

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If  you ever needed an excuse to read Neil Gaiman, here it is! American Gods has been selected as the One Book, One Twitter selection for 2010!

I for one, am psyched that American Gods is the selection. I loved this book and am probably due for a reread.

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Paper or plastic for those books you just checked out at the library? Baltimore is piloting a new program where you can purchase your groceries at the library.

patrons can order groceries online and pay with cash, credit or food stamps. The orders are filled by Santoni’s supermarket, a longtime Baltimore grocer. They deliver the items to the library the next day.

Talk about a great way to bring healthy habits into the library!

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Never one to fall out of the digital media rat race, Google will be coming out with its own Ebook store this summer. All you need a Google account because the service will work across a bevy of devices.

The company says the ebooks will work across multiple devices, and, unlike the ebooks of iPad and Kindle, any device with a browser will be able to view the books. Customers with a Google account will be able to access the service.

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The role of the graphic novel and comics in the literary lives of children today, one woman’s take. Jennifer de Guzman, one of the judges for the San Jose Public Library’s first annual Graphic Novel Contest discusses the role of comics and what she learned about life reading them.

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