The Skinnygirl Rules – Review

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The Skinnygirl Rules for Getting and Staying Naturally Thing by Bethenny Frankel

Age: Adult

Bethenny Frankel is best known for her role as the sassy, sharp-tongued friend on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York. She is also known as a contestant on the Martha Stewart Apprentice, author of Naturally Thin, and as a natural foods chef. All of these qualifications lead to this audio cd.

book jacketVia three quick cds, Bethenny discusses ten rules to help the listener become a naturally thin person. Nearly each of the ten rules was an expansion of “eat in moderation.” At times, her advice felt contradicting and repetitive. I was also annoyed that the only type of tempting foods out there are “decadent” foods. Had this been a book, I would gone through and counted how many times Frankel used this adjective.

With each of the ten rules, she threw in a Naturally Thin Thought (ideas on how a thin person would approach a situation), a Heavy Habit (ideas on how a heavy person would approach a situation) and celebrity facts (comments on how certain celebrities handle their food). These parts were interesting, but there was nothing here that I really didn’t know before.

There were some interesting tidbits and ideas that I do want to try. Like ordering a small appetizer and a series of side dishes next time I go out to eat instead of ordering a main entree. I also liked her recipe suggestions of improving upon a basic meal. The CD compilation does come with the added bonus of a 22 page PDF Recipes for the Skinny Girl. Each recipe is personalized with a little suggestion for modifications based on individual taste. The recipes are broken into 10 topics, a set for each of the ten rules discussed on the cd. Bethenny felt more in her element talking about constructing meals than in how to go about eating less of it. I’m holding on to the hope that she will release a cookbook in the near future rather than more how-to-eat books.

The Skinnygirl  Rules: For Getting and Staying Naturally Thin
By Bethenny Frankel
Simon & Schuster, 2009
ISBN 9781442300507
3 CDs – 3 Hours


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