News of sorts

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Life has been busy over here. I’ve been working nearly everyday between my three library jobs. I’m on the tail end of Age of Innocence and soon to start East of Eden for my book club. I’ve also gotten a wee bit addicted to the newest Zynga game on Facebook, Treasure Isle. Is anyone else playing? I need blue gems and fruit pronto!

California weather keeps going back and forth between a beautiful sunny day and a dismal rainy day. Its sunny right now, lets hope it stays this way!

In bloggish news:

My blog is in the Top 50 Book Blogs Rankings. I came in at #40 in Top Book Blogs by Unique Monthly Visitors and #40 in Top Book Blogs by Complete Rank. I’m stunned. I didn’t even think I’d land in the top 100. =p

Check out my guest review of The Screwed-Up Life of Charles the Second by Drew Ferguson over at Queer YA.

And have you been tuning in for my new weekly book news feature? Please send in any articles or news snippets that you want to share with the rest of the world!


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