Noteworthy Links #4

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The 2010 LA Times Book Festival will be gracing the UCLA campus next weekend, April 24th & 25th. General attendance is free, parking is $10 and doors open at 10am. Check out the full A-Z list of authors here to look for your favorites!!

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Neil Gaiman talks libraries for National Library Week. If you missed his interview, you can find it archived at NPR here.

You can also read his interview with Kate Pritchard at Bookpage.

A snippet of the interview:

KP: Do you have a favorite library?

NG: My very favorite library of all is fictional, because it’s the one that I made up in The Sandman. That’s the library of all the books that people dreamed of writing but never wrote, all the sequels that never happened, all that kind of thing.

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Catch up on your favorite author interviews and giveaways with Book Club Girl.

The next interview will be with Todd Johnson of The Sweet By & By on Friday April 26th at 4p.

She is also hosting a giveaway for book club members in honor of Rebecca Wells newest novel The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder. You can find all the rules and information here.

The first 25 clubs to sign up will receive a Randazzo’s King Cake to enjoy during their Calla Lily discussion!

For those of you wondering what a King Cake is:

Sent directly to your book group from New Orleans’ own Randazzo’s Camellia Street Bakery, this King Cake is adorned with their famous gooey frosting and topped with purple, yellow and green sprinkles, and includes a unique Randazzo’s Mardi Gras theme bag, stuffed with beads, doubloons, the history of Mardi Gras and the king cake, a 2010 commemorative 11x 16 color poster, a beautiful feather mask, and a kings crown! What better way to jazz up your book club night!

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Not really book related, but its close enough for me. Polyvore is an awesome fashion website with adorable themed outfits. Its Anthro meets a library.  I just love their photo compilations of various styles.

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For those who want the book feel, but can’t afford all the merchandize… this might solve a few of your problems.


One response to “Noteworthy Links #4

  1. Glad to see another book blogger discovering Polyvore. I look forward to bookish collages in the future!

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