Life: A Photo blog post

I’ve been very absent from blogging for the majority of 2010. I haven’t really been reading much. I haven’t been able to really get immersed into any adult fiction books this year. Maybe I read too many last year, but this year I’ve just been bored with every book I pick up, except for children’s and teen books. I’ve started out this year reading more children’s books and hopefully that’ll turn into more adult fiction books. I’m reading Anna Karenina for my book club, which is more of a reread actually. I don’t know why Russian authors get such a bad reputation for their books. I love Russian literature, except for Lolita…that book still give me shutters.

Most of my enery this past week has been towards my guinea pig, Ginny. She had a really bad limp on Monday night, but she’s mostly recovered now. She’s 7 years old (really, really old for guinea pigs), but she’s still really stubborn and resilient. I’ve had her for about 5 years now and she’s a wonderful pet.

Miss Ginny!

I’ve been on a knitting whirlwind this year, which is why I haven’t been reading much. I can only do one or the either. I’ve made a good number of large projects this year. A sweater, a cardigan, a pair of socks and a shrug.

weekend hoodie  Alpine  socks!  Melody Shrug

Chris and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going to see Cirque du Soilel this year, Ovo. If you haven’t been to a performance, then I highly recommend it. Ovo is a lot more dance-influenced than the other ones I’ve seen, but the costumes are amazing, the story is enchanting and the acrobatics are just stupefying.

Well, that’s my 2010 in a nutshell. =p Hopefully it’ll get more entertaining as the year progresses.

4 responses to “Life: A Photo blog post

  1. Ginny is adorable, and I like the knitted items too! My husband loves Cirque du Soilel – we’ve been twice. To me, it’s so unreal it almost doesn’t register, but he used to do gymnastics, so he has a better appreciation!

  2. Your knitting is beautiful. I love the sweater. I wish I had that talent- someone tried to teach me to knit once and it just turned out knots.

  3. I think Guinea Pigs are very under-rated. I fostered a pregnant one last year, not for very long Guinea Pigs are born practically fully grown so they adopted out right away. But while I had them, they were lots of fun. Very friendly, too.

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