Dream Life – Review

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Dream Life by Lauren Mechling

Age Group: Teens


Dream Life is the sequel to Lauren Mechling’s cute teenage supernatural mystery saga of Claire Voyante. After having saved the lives of her newest best friend and family, Claire and Becca formed a very strong bond. After a summer apart, Claire is a little bummed when Becca rekindles friendships with girls from her former school. To makes things worse, Claire sort-of boyfriend, Andy, breaks up with her early in the book, blaming school and distractions as the main reason. Although disappointed, Claire soon finds out the truth behind Becca’s trysts with her friends from her former high school and is soon sucked into a world of secret societies and conspiracies added onto the daily dose of normal high school drama.

https://i2.wp.com/www.melissacwalker.com/blog/dreamlife.jpgAlthough I didn’t fall in love with the first title, I really enjoyed this sequel to Dream Girl. I thought it had a lot of good messages and themes of honesty, and friendship. Claire did rely on her charmed necklace to help her solve most f the novel’s mysteries, as she did in the first book, but she did use more of her own instincts and abilities in place of the necklace. It showed how much she changed and matured from the first book. One thing I hate about series is that the characters never develop or grow as the series progress (ie…Gossip Girl).  I particularly liked Claire’s decision at the end of the book in regards to the secret society. I thought it was a very mature and well thought out decision. Claire makes a great role model for teenage girls. She’s a good mix of clever, funny and normal without seeming cliche or over the top.  I think a lot of girls reading this series will connect with her over any of the other characters.

Dream Life
Lauren Mechling
Delacorte Press, 2010
ISBN 978-0-385-735230
325 pages
Review copy


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