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Fool – Review

Fool by Christopher Moore

Age: 17 years +

Fans of Shakespeare and fans of dry, vulgar and sarcastic wit will appreciate Christopher Moore’s Fool. King Lear’s beloved and truthful fool, Pocket, is the narrator of this tale.

King Lear:

Shakespeare’s story of King Lear in a nutshell: King has 3 daughters, Goneril, Reagan and Cordeila. He is dividing up his realm, and asks his girls to tell him how much they love and adore him. Reagan and Goneril lie to the moon and back and are given generous amounts of land. Corderila truthfully answers her father, in that she loves him as a father; no more-no less. The famous like “Nothing comes from nothing” is taken from this scene. Because Cordeila refuses to lie and flatter her father, she is disowned and the king divides his land between the two older sisters. Cordeilia goes to France, and King divides his time between the two sisters.

There is another substory of Edmund and Edgar and their battle of their father’s realm. Edmund is a bastard child and not the true heir, so he plots to get rid of his brother and become heir to the land.

*Side Note* King Lear is my favorite Shakespeare play, followed by The Templest.

Fool is my first venture into the very popular world of Christopher Moore. Christopher Moore is able to really break about the story of King Lear and develop the characters more fully.  I’m really at a loss for how to describe this book. I listened to it on audio cd, which I think is the best way to enjoy this story. The narrator, Euan Morton does a fantastic job with all the characters. The pacing is just right, the comedic timing in his voice is perfect. I’m typically not one to laugh out loud when reading, even comedies, but Morton’s high pitched voices for the female characters makes it impossible not to. The only other book that had me laughing hysterically was Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris.

I really recommend this book. And I am intersted in suggestions for other Christopher Moore books you think I might like. I couldn’t get into Lamb, but I’m interested in going through some of his other books.

Use of HarperCollins’ amazing “Browse Inside” feature to get a glimpse of Fool’s beginning chapters here

by Christopher Moore
Read by Euan Morton
Harper Collins, 2009
7 Cds


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