Ferris Beach – Review

Ferris Beach by Jill McCorkle is a simple coming of age story, following the lives of two girls from the age of ten into their late teenage years. The narrator, Katherine Mary (aka Kitty) Burns befriends the spunky daughter of the new family in their small neighborhood in the 1970s, and are soon inseparable, sharing every moment in their lives, from tragedies to love and high school.

In and out of Kitty’s life is her mysterious cousin Angela. Angela, the mystery, the tornado crashing through Kitty’s life every now and again played a significant role in shaping Kitty’s perspective of herself and her family. There are a handful of characters that make up the sum of this book, and all of which are entertaining and pure. By pure, I mean that they do not feel forced, and they are a natural representation of everyday people. Nothing annoys me more in a book when all the characters are always insightful and witty. The world is not always that intelligent.

I procrastinated on writing this review, because I’m not quite sure what to say about it. So much happened, but the way everything was woven together and told, makes it difficult to pick out any key moments. The major themes in this book are friendship, honesty, facades and prejudices. I found the narrator to be very boring and helpless throughout most of the book. She always played the on-looker and rarely the participant. Her best friend, Misty was especially flamboyant in dress, behavior and attitude, the two stood as polar opposites in those regards. Kitty is incredibly thoughtful, but often I wondered if this story was told as her looking back on her childhood, or through her childhood eyes, growing up. There was no sense of her mental maturity throughout the course of the novel, she started off as a 10 year old philosopher. Although I liked the book, I found it a bit dull in parts, mostly because it was a quiet coming of age story of two girls trying to fit in and have fun.

Ferris Beach
by Jill McCorkle
Algonquin Books, 2009
ISBN 9781565129313
343 pages
Source: Review book

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2 responses to “Ferris Beach – Review

  1. Hmm, I need to read this soon, I’d better make sure I’m not looking for a high-excitement book when I do.

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