Breaking Dawn = copycat?

Just read an interesting article via about Stephanie Meyers and Breaking Dawn.

Meyer’s 4th book of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, apparently has some striking similarities to Jordon Scott’s novel, The Nocturne. The Nocturne was

“released one chapter at a time on the author/singer/actresses’ Web site and available through some online booksellers, but which was never distributed widely to traditional bookstores.”

Reading the rest of the article, you’d think that Jordon Scott is the one plagiarizing Stephanie Meyers. Quite an interesting development. Jordon Scott began working on The Nocturne when she was just 15 years old, posting chapters online. It seems that the book was eventually published in 2006 by Griffon Publishing.

5 responses to “Breaking Dawn = copycat?

  1. How interesting! I just finished reading Eclipse so will be starting Breaking Dawn soon. Not sure if I should read this article or not…yikes!

  2. There are no spoilers in the article, just interesting food for thought. But read Breaking Dawn. I want to know what you think of it!!

  3. I saw similar articles out a week ago, which listed the similarities and “copyrighted” material, and Ive read breaking dawn. I wont go into it so I dont spoil it but the basically the similarities are BS because those similarities are found in almost every fantasy/romance book ever written. And I really don’t see any similarities between the two.

  4. I did some more searches on the Nocturne after posting this entry, and came to the same conclusion. The similarities sounded really trite and common. Even in the MTV article it says that “they both go in different directions.”

    I do still want to read The Nocturne, just to see first hand how similar they are.

  5. This story has been out for about a month now, first there was a cease order issued to Meyer by Scotts attorney, they did not cease and now there is a law suit if Federal Court! I think a common problem is that most people think this about plagiarism which is more like a word for word copying. This case is about copyright infringement. The law suit is online, you can read it for yourself. It looks like Meyer copied scotts book like an outline, ideas theme, plot etc. Some people want to be mad at Scott, but it seriously looks like Meyer did copy her work. I suggest people should be mad at Meyer, she did the copying. there is some additional food for thought.

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