Daily Archives: August 19, 2009

A thank you!


I owe you all a big THANK YOU, for voting for my blog for the Book Blogger Appreciation Awards. I recieved an e-mail this morning letting me know that I’ve been nominated for Best General Review Blog.

I feel so honored!! You guys have totally made my year. Thanks so much!!!

Now I get the fun task of choosing 5 posts that best represent my blog for this category (not easy!!). If there are any particular posts of mine that you guys adore, please let me know which ones you like best!


Call for posts –Bookworms Carnival

In a few short weeks, I’ll be hosting the 37th Edition of the Bookworms Carnival, honoring Banned Books Week, (Sept 26th to October 3rd)

The theme, is very simple. Send in current or older posts on the controversial and often banned books that you’ve read and written about.

Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are very valued aspects of human life, for the writer and for the reader. Often, a truthful, but difficult book is deemed unworthy of attention, for whatever reason.  Share your thoughts, you’re reads and your top picks for this next event!

Deadline: Please e-mail your links to: rantsandreads@gmail.com by September 11th.