Daily Archives: August 17, 2009

Bon apetite!

August is shaping up to be quite the foodie month for me. It all started when I picked up French Women Don’t Get Fat on a whim. That book inspired me to be more creative with my food and to really enjoy what I eat and seek out fresh, whole foods. In this respect I was lead to Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, where he discusses the history and presence of processed food in our grocery stores. This leaves me paranoid of all substances in my supermarket that is not fruit!

Add to the mix watching a documentary on Hulu called “The Future of Food” where the topic is genetically engineered food, and then seeing Julie and Julia in the same day, my head is swimming. I want to eat healthy, enjoy my food, and cook more. but then with so many imitation products and genetically modified junk out there stealthily hidden on the shelves, I’m not sure if what I’m picking up at the grocery is really food.

I feel like I’m either going to starve or go broke trying to eat healthy. =/

I’ve been exploring different farmer’s markets in my area lately, trying to find one with the best and most varied products (the one that is in walking distance is really lame). I have been digging through my cookbooks to meet my goal of cooking a meal once a week (and not the usual chicken & rice or chicken & pasta combo).


Julie and Julia is a really cute and inspiring movie. Meryl Streep is adorable as Julia Child, she is by far one of my favorite actresses. You could tell she took a lot of glee being in that role. The premise of the movie is that a young women living in Queens as well as being stuck in a rut, decides to take on a challenge of cooking all 524 recipes from Master The Art of French Cooking in one year. She wrote a blog about it, which gained in popularity, and eventually landed a book deal which turned into the movie.

Julie Powell doesn’t update the blog anymore, but if you can’t find the book at either the bookstore or library, well here is the blog still intact.