One for the Money – Review

Laid off from her job as a discount lingerie buyer for E.E. Martin’s in New Jersey, Stephanie Plum is hard up for cash and desperate to find a new source of income. The solution? Become a bounty hunter for her cousin Vinny’s bonds company. The high profile case she’s given? To bring in a fugitive/renegade cop accused of murder, who also happens to be the guy who broke her heart twice before. The incredibly dreamy, and sneaky Joe Morelli.

All this turns One for the Money into a really fun read full of twists and crazy characters. And I really mean crazy characters. You have a sadistic boxer, a smart-ass heroine who is clumbsy but still gets the job done, a friendly cop and a lot of people with grudges to bear. I am very happy with the ending and didn’t think it was too cheesy. One thing I really liked about the book was that it was written in 1994, so it was cool to read about the latest technology law enforcement was using at the time. Me being the nerd that I am, would be interested in reading the series and track the technology changes that may or may not make Stephanie’s life as a bounty hunter easier.

A friend of mine devoured all 19 books in the series so far, and has been at me to read at least the first book of the series. Although I really liked this book, I’m not a mysteries/series type of gal. At least not without an intermission of another genre. I figured out I read my genres in groups of three, possible four, before I get bored and move into a different theme. This series has more substance than other mysteries I’ve come across and Stephanie Plum is an incredibly funny and well thought out character, but I don’t think I have the energy to finish the entire series.

One for the Money
by Janet Evanovich
St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 1994
ISBN 0312990456
320 pages


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3 responses to “One for the Money – Review

  1. her sense of fashion also dramatically changes, but it remains genuinely “jersey.”

    my favorite dress descriptions are of Lula…she has an interesting take on fashion.

  2. Stephanie Plum is my guilty pleasure! I read a book from the series whenever I need something to cleanse my literary palate. They are just so much fun.

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