Time Traveler’s Wife – movie update

At long last, there is finally a trailer and an actual release date for the eagerly and rather impatiently awaited movie adaptation of Audrey Niffeneggar’s Time Traveler’s Wife.

This site includes a full trailer, synopsis and photos. I’ve already made plans to drag my boyfriend to go see this movie with me August 14th, although I’m debating if his reluctance to want to watch a chick-flick might actually kill the movie for me.

Is anyone else planning on rereading the book before the movie is released? Or will you give the movie the benefit of a doubt and hope that the producers directors actually got it right?

3 responses to “Time Traveler’s Wife – movie update

  1. I can’t wait either, although will probably go with some girlfriends instead of my husband. Seems like a perfect girly film!

  2. Great trailer, but I think it shows too much! (as they usually do) I definitely will not take my husband. I’ll be crying, and then he’ll start laughing at me and ruin it! Definitely not one to take the guys, I think!

  3. Hehe, yeah I can’t imagine this going over well with most guys! If you’re interested in the book, you can find out more about the author and her influences here: http://www.infloox.com/person?id=91695897

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