Because I’m Worth It – Review

***If you haven’t read Gossip Girl, You Know You Love Me and All I Want is Everything, then this review will most likely be a spoilers for you, so please skid ahead!***

Book 4 of the Gossip Girl series takes us on an adventure of love. Winter break is over, and now the month is February. Seniors are in a bad case of “senior slump” and are now making new friends. Jenny befriend’s Elise during a mentoring meeting the two attend with Bloair and Serena as their senior mentors. Nate gets busted buying weed from his dealer and is sent to rehad where he falls for the dangerously alluring Georgina Sparks. Blair is on an never-ending mission to find her way guarenteed to Yale, and Serena, well, Serena is the embodiment of the word spontaneity.

4 books into the series, and I’m still loving it. Serena is starting to get incredibly annoying and vapid. I roll my eyes whenever the author talks about Serena’s beauty and demeanor (it gives me flashbacks of Stephanie Meyers’ incessant descriptions of Edward as Godlike). Up until this book, many of the character situations and circumstances seemed somewhat believable. But Serena being pulled into a fashion show and all of a sudden being the hottest thing to hit the runways, is well in teenspeak – gag-inducing. I’m not exactly sure what Cecily von Ziegesar’s intention is with Serena, but for now, she’s a throwaway character, the opposite of Blair. Whereas the first few books were focused on Serena’s return to Manhattan, we saw a girl with depth, vulnerability and insecurities. The new popular Serena is aimless and now all the focus of the books is on Blair. The sexual shock-factor of the series has calmed down at this point, and we wait for now is to see what happens to Blair and how far she’ll go to get into Yale.

For anyone keeping track, the series is nothing like the TV show, and I like them both equally.

Because I’m Worth It
Cecily von Ziegesar
Little, Brown and Company, 2003
ISBN 0316909688
234 pages


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