A gardening post

I’ve recently taken up the hobby of container gardening, and I am very, very excited about my plants!! My squash practically grew overnight, the stem and leaves doubled in size over the weekend. My pole bean is starting to develop some vines, so I need to get a stick or something to reel in that growth. My radishes are healthy, despite a traumatic transfer into a larger container.

I realized that the containers I bought are actually too small for what I’m growing, so I need to head out to Orchard again today and pick up some larger container pots. At least I’ll be better prepared for next year. I can’t wait until I start seeing some actual fruits and vegetables growing right on my own balcony!


My group of friends from high school are going to get together tomorrow night and start our very first book club. I’m really excited for this. I’ve tried joining a bunch of online book clubs, but those never panned out, and I could never get anyone else to really commit to wanting to join another book club with. I have high hopes with this one. We all have similar reading tastes, but different enough to introduce new reads.

In support of my current gardening bug, I’m going to suggest reading Animal, Mineral, Vegetable by Barbara Kingsolver. I’ve really good things about this book. I also want to suggest The Chosen One, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m not sure what other titles to throw out there. I need to come up with 4 options. I want something current, but not too new (The Chosen One is still “in processing” at my library and unavailable), and also something that can be found easily at a library. Librarians are never too old to need another librarian for these types of reference questions. =p

There aren’t too many books out there on container gardening, or even balcony gardening. Most of what I found deals with the aesthetics rather than the science of it, so its all fruitless to me (hehe, pun intended). I do like this book:
It has a lot of helpful tips about fruits, veggies and herbs growing in containers. It breaks each plant down to Family, Origin, Description, Location, Planting, Care, Design and Species/Cultivars. This book has come in useful for newbie gardeners like me, unsure if radishes belong in shade or sun (they belong in sunny areas but with partial shade, and need to be kept evenly damp). Each plant has one page, so its best to just photocopy the plants you are working on, if you come across this book at the library.

For gardeners with an actual yard and planting space, you can even start by growing trees (fig, or apple etc), in the container pots before transferring them to the ground. It would be cool to grow a mini tree on my balcony though. =)

3 responses to “A gardening post

  1. I’ve been on the waiting list for our complex’s urban garden for ages and until I get in, I’ve been meaning to start some things on our balcony. I’m going to go get a copy of this book and get started. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. That’s awesome you took up gardening even if it is in pots…a lot people think they can’t have garden because they have limited space (i.e people in condos or apartments) yet having a garden in pots allows people the freedom to grow their own food.

  3. I planted a garden this year and it’s been so fun! Planting my little seedlings in the ground was like sending kiddos off to college. I wonder if they’re ok. Lonely, fighting the elements on their own! Sigh. I may be taking it a bit seriously, but I’m so attached to them. 🙂

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