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Pretties – Review


If you haven’t read Uglies, or haven’t finished it, please skip this post, I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone****

At the start of Pretties, Tally is no long Ugly, and neither is Shay. Both girls were taken captive by Special Circumstances and forced to turn Pretty. Tally is getting ready to join the Crims, one of the elite cliques in New Pretty Town. While at a masquerade party, someone from Tally’s Ugly past returns, crashing the party and bringing all of Tally’s past flooding back to her. Now Tally and her new boyfriend Zane set out to detangle Tally’s past and fight to stay “bubbly” to prevent the lesions on their brains from turn them into pretty-minded as they fight against the city and themselves to break free of New Pretty Town.

Tally’s character becomes developed and more interesting in this book. I’m starting to sense a formula with Westerfeld’s writing (not that it detracts from the quality of the book) It seems that at the start of each book, Tally is young, naive and very active and is soon propelled into a new life by Shay. Shay introduced Tally to the Smokies in Uglies, and now Shay is helping Tally initiate into The Crim in New Pretty Town. The book also ends on a similar cliffhanger as Uglies, so I’m wondering if Specials will follow the same patern. Despite the formula, the actual content of the story is genius quality, full of adult commentary, but at the same time full of typical teen drama, lingo and attitude.

Westerfeld further expands on the intricate societies developing in this new world. I love that the book starts with a typical Pretty life, I was always curious to see this end of the spectrum. I’m also glad the book didn’t stay Pretty. I love Westerfeld’s terminology and new language created for the series, it was very happy-making and thought-provoking in a very non-bogus way. I like how Tally is able to transition easily from one role to another, while remaining true to her true self.

One more opinion, I think this show would make a FANTASTIC TV-show. Its a great plot, great characters and being spread over 4 books lends itself easily to a smooth TV-transition. =) This would be a show quite similar to Dollhouse actually….

by Scott Westerfeld
Simon and Schuster, 2005
ISBN 0689865392
370 pages


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