Cover art

I’ll admit it, I judge a book by its cover. A busy cover turns me off to the book, but simple covers attract my eye, as do certain colors or images. I often find myself pausing the book to look at the cover art, hunting for a secret clue that might explain elements of the story. I remember in high school, my English teacher would rant about the cover art for Catcher in the Rye; a plain white cover, title in bold, black font and a small rainbow arc across the upper righthand tip. According to him, this cover art had no relation to the book whatsoever, and a hunting cap would have been more appropriate.

I look for cover art, because its telling about the theme of the book. I’ve been reading the Uglies series, and I noticed a change in the cover art for the Uglies series.

 From this   to this 

I like the second cover art much better. It influenced the cover art for the following books in the series, and it looks more wild and interesting than the plastic barbie dolls in a tin cover art.

Which cover do you prefer? Which one would make you interested in actually picking up the book?

4 responses to “Cover art

  1. I definitely prefer the second cover. I doubt I would EVER pick up that first cover unless I’d heard absolutely phenomenal things about the book from people I trusted. Even then I’d think twice…

  2. I sometimes judge by the cover too. It’s true that a great story can be behind a hideous cover, but after all this time I’ve become quite adept at figuring out what cover style indicates a book I’ll like.

    I don’t actually like either of these covers. I do prefer the covers with the faces, though. This one doesn’t appeal to me because it looks like camouflage, which isn’t very attractive to me (despite its obvious use). The other face covers in the Uglies series appeal more to me.

  3. While covers do matter to me, I would not have read the book at all if my students weren’t all reading it. I like to keep up with their reading.

  4. Y’know, I think I prefer the second cover…but if I was in a bookstore and I saw the first cover then I would pick it up. The second cover is prettier but it doesn’t catch my eye. The first cover makes me think…..”huh?” which is why I would pick it up.

    I think the second cover makes it look like typical teen lit. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just not always my taste.

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